Why register?
To be notified of important issues and decisions affecting Whangaroa.
To receive information and benefits you may be entitled to. 
To have a say. Iwi registrants 18 yrs+ can vote.

Who can register?
To be eligible to register you must be a descendant of Whangaroa, and affiliate to any of the Marae or hapu within the Whangaroa Rohe.

Apart from the online registration method, you can also download a registration form from the "Documents" section in the top menu bar or here. Print the form before completing, signing and dating it. Please return completed and signed application form to: Te Runanga O Whaingaroa Iwi Registrations Cnr. Waikare and State Highway 10, PO Box 88 Kaeo, Northland 0448 Phone: 09 405 0340 or Email: registrations@whaingaroa.iwi.nz

To register yourself and/ or your whanau with Te Runanga o Whaingaroa, please complete the following online form.

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Underpinning our vision are:

  • Whaingaroatanga: defining and building on our uniqueness
  • Whakawhānaungatanga: understanding the value of relationships and the need to maintain and strengthen them based on mutual respect
  • Kaupapatanga: driven from values within rather than reactive to external influences
  • Sustainability: ensuring that all we engage in contributes to sustainable processes and outcomes

Te Rūnanga o Whaingaroa

PO Box 88,

Kaeo, Northland, NZ

Phone (09) 4050 340
Fax: (09) 4050 705